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It’s quite possible that history has begun with the cultivation of cannabis seeds. And throughout history there have certainly been a number of different theories on this. However, over time some people believed that male and female cannabis seeds could be distinctly different based upon their physical appearance, weight, size, texture etc. Perhaps the most prevalent theory behind this unproved theory was that cannabis seeds each had a distinct size and shape to account for the production of a different variety of pot.

Some folks today still hold to this theory. They argue that if two plants of similar approximate sizes are grown together and one of them is “watered” (no moisture from the soil) and the other “wetted”, then the resulting plant will be of the same shape, size and weight as the weed plant. Thus, since marijuana seeds are very small when compared with marijuana plants grown in soil, it follows that the marijuana seed must come into contact with very little soil to grow. Therefore, no such thing as feminized marijuana seeds exist. If you try to make such a claim, you’re either an expert on the subject or you’re making a statement that isn’t true.

There are some exceptions to this generalization. For example, some hybrid strains of cannabis do indeed exhibit characteristics of feminization. These specific traits are most likely to have appeared due to gene manipulation, and they result in plants with the potential to become females. This means that if you buy a pollen from a non-hybrid variety of marijuana and then grow it indoors, it can eventually become feminized through whatever means.

So, the truth is that feminized seeds don’t exist. However, some hybrid strains do exhibit characteristics of feminization. These include producing flowers that are nearly identical to those of a regular marijuana plant, plants with small blooms, and plants that have red, fleshy petals. graines wedding cake These traits are most often caused by crossing conventional marijuana varieties with the non-hybrid. It’s also possible to get feminized plants through favorable breeding situations, but these situations are very rare and unlikely.

To answer the question above: No, feminized cannabis seeds do not exist. But some hybrid plants may very well do, because they have been crossed with regular marijuana seeds so that they can grow under similar conditions. If you’ve bought seeds of a particular variety that may have some potential for feminization, you should be careful about which retailer you buy them from. Since many seeds are crossbred, their characteristics can easily be altered without proper consideration for the plant. Some plants that show these potential traits can have unexpected, and harmful, effects.

The best way to ensure that your plants don’t wind up with unwanted characteristics is to buy only pure genetics. This ensures that every drop of pollen is pure and contains no unwanted characteristics that could harm your garden. When shopping for cannabis seeds for production, it’s important to do research so that you know where to buy and how to buy only premium genetics. Buying online can be an easy way to get the strains you need without spending a great deal of money.